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For Sale Paul Lochmann hot air parlor fountain castings

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Mar 8, 2012
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In continuing with selling all my stuff ,this is a casting set and drawing for a hot air powered fountain. I have also purchased the additional various sized tubes in stainless and brass and steel needed for the cylinders for the engine which also adds to the weight of this kit.. My guess so far is about 35 pounds and a good sized box. I have included a link to a site that has antique parlor fans to show how nice these things can be. I am asking $360.00 plus shipping and you can check out rough shipping prices online with a box about 24x10x10 at least....Berrysburg,PA

Antique Parlor Fountains-A quick overview for future collectors | The Museum of Aquarium and Pet History (moaph.org)
002 (2).JPG

03 (2).JPG
This thing would need a big box and will be heavy because of the extra metal I have added, so if anyone is close enough to pick this up I would sell it for $300.00 and that should make it worth your while.............
Very interesting link to the parlor fountain site - thanks.


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