Open workshop at the Flywheel Friends Bad Boll (Germany) in May 2024 with the special topic of Hot Bulb meeting

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Jan 22, 2024
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Last Sunday, on May 5th, 2024,
we had an event at my vintage tractor club with an open workshop and the special topic of two-stroke diesel hot bulb stationary engines and Lanz Bulldog.
Here is a link to a video with a few highlights.
It rained briefly a few times,
but mostly the weather was good and the sun shone for a few hours.
The visitors and we from the club had fun with the old technology.

Not very "model-engine" :cool: . I occasionally saw a Lanz running and it always nice to see."Marcus Lanz" is all I get when I search for "Lanz" on Youtube.
That is funny and sad at the same time.

p.s. what is the meaning of "Glühkopfzündung" with regard to TV-talk shows?
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You have to search for “Lanz Bulldog” or “Heinrich Lanz” on YouTube.
(Heinrich Lanz was the company founder.)

"Markus Lanz" is a talk master in Germany with a political discussion group on current political topics.
(I don't watch his show, it doesn't seem neutrally moderated to me.)
Google puts more popular search terms, or paid search results, first.
Google probably finds Markus Lanz earlier when using the search term “lanz” due to certain interests.

The company Heinrich Lanz (Bulldog manufacturer from the city of Mannheim) now belongs to John Deere.