my gauge 1 live "diesel" shunter

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Gedeon Spilett

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Jul 24, 2010
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near Paris France
my little loco in gauge 1 (1/32) is not powered by a true diesel engine I confess, but a tiny 4 stroke petrol engine of 1.3 cm3 from my own workshop, with spark ignition and fuelled with plain gasoline from the pump.

I just finished an electronic ignition module small enough to rest under the bonnet of the loco, hence the bulky coil and battery in their accompanying wagon are left over...

after lengthy trials, this ignition works reliably, at last, allowing to my loco to make many laps on a track at my live steam club

Very nice, I have built 10 Gauge 1 IC powered locomotives so I know what a challlenge they can be. Your switcher is more elaborate than any of mine and very well done.
All of my locomotives were powered by shop built 0.9 ccm hit and miss spark ignition petrol engines. The last two were Baldwin Mechanical narrow gauge trench locomotives used in World War one for moving supplies and troops on the front lines. I mention this because of the about 700 built, all but a few were supplied or sold to France for use in the war.
hi Gail, thanks for the appreciation, so welcome coming from you...

I'm pretty well aware of your work on your tiny powered locomotives!
i've seen all the videos and read avidely all you post on it...your "Baldwin" are awesome locos.

2 years ago, I started this build after collecting lot of advices you published, when I saw it was a possible challenge...

now, I just changed recently the ignition, with coil, battery and contact breaker for a small electronic ignition, fully contained in the loco herself, and did many successful runs at the steam club, being happy to progress a little bit in electronics...
Congratulations on a fine runner!
That has some power! Great job on the sheet metal work, it looks fantastic!

thanks for the comments, much appreciated!

Jos: yes, 1.3 cm3 is correct, (11.5 mm and 12.5 mm for the actual bore and stroke)...
A large part of the engine block is the cooling water hopper, which makes my little engine may look bigger, and tricky to seat in the small loco !