My first build - Mr Ridders Internal valve flame licker

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Aug 18, 2013
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Hi all,
Just trying to get myself established on this forum, my name is Joe i am 30 years old and a mechanical engineer from Devon in the UK. This is the first engine i have built and i have thoroughly enjoyed building it and was even more delighted when it actually worked! Luckily it didn't require much fettling to get it running despite reading about all the difficulties that others have had.

A funny story with this engine is that i actually made it at work, i work a continental shift pattern as a maintenance engineer and when on a nightshift on a weekend it can get very quiet. My other collegues try and catch some zzz's in the quiet spots but i decided i wanted to utilise the time more constructively. I've always loved making things and as i have access to materials and machines i decided to give model engine making a try. I am now hooked! I love the accuracy and intricacy and the overall aesthetics of the engines, the only problem i have is that i just want to rush to get it finished and running!

This engine was built on a full size Colchester lathe and fullsize milling machine, here are some pictures, you may spot that ive kindve messed up the flywheel supports i need to make a couple more of those. Also the keen eye may spot that the model is the opposite way around to Jan Ridders plans, that is because i counterbored the topside rather the bottom! Yes things get quite challenging at 3am in the morning!! Ill upload a video asap, i know you've probably all seen one a million times by now but heres one more! :cool:





Video as promised

A better video, however engine stopped as the valve linkage came loose.

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