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Thanks GreenTwin have any thoughts on painting the flywheel?


I have my preferences for painting flywheels, and some of my buddies have the polar-opposite idea about painting theirs, so I boils down to what you like as far as personal preferences.

I prefer to leave the outside and sides of the rim bare, and polished a bit, and paint the remainder a mono-color.

My buddy likes to paint the outside and face of his rims with one color, and the rest another color.

The good thing is you can always repaint if you try something and it does not suit you.

Good luck.

The good thing is you can always repaint if you try something and it does not suit you.
Good point

I made a couple of head gaskets, lapped the valves and put the heads on.
I had a big smile on my face as I have good compression on both cylinders.


The engine is growing more than I expected.
Thanks for looking
The engine will have two ignition modules, two hall sensors, and two magnets on a adjustable disk. I could have bought a module that has two high voltage outputs but the cost would have been some higher than using these two and since I had these modules that is what I will use.
Magnet disk with magnets.
And the other side.

Two hall sensors mounted 180 degrees apart.
Epoxied in place.

The disk installed and the engine timed and checked.

Thanks for looking
I turned the heads over so the ports are on the top of the engine instead of the bottom as there just wasn't enough room on the bottom to make a nice job of it.

I made four short brass nipples that screw into the intake and exhaust ports. On the intake nipples I soldered a copper 90 and another brass nipple.

This shows the parts for the carb and manifold.

Thanks for looking
You may have noticed I am jumping around to different sections of the build and not really completing much. The reason is I am still waiting on parts to come in for the cam drives and this time of year shipping is a little slow so now another jump.

Fuel tank and support bracket.

I need something to mount the tank to so a nice piece of poplar was chosen.
I routed out a section for the electronics and wiring and gave it a good coat of walnut stain.

Thanks for looking
This shows how I mounted the electronics in the slot.

A view from the top showing the access holes for the wiring.
Now to get the wires all routed to the correct place.

All the wires routed and the wiring completed.
Note the spacers I added to the rubber feet to raise the board up to get enough clearance for the modules.

Thanks for looking
My shipment has finally arrived and everything fits. Getting the right length belts has been a nightmare. XL belts ,which is what I started with, come in 1" length increments as 16" was too short and 17" is too long. After much searching I found the T5 belts are the same except they are 10mm wide instead of 3/8" wide and they are offered in 2 tooth increments or 0.400. I now have a very good stock of timing belts that are not the right length but I will keep them as I may use them for another project some day.

I made up some idler pulleys for the timing belts.


Not much left to do before trying to start the engine just the exhaust and adjusting the valve timing.
Maybe tomorrow.
Thanks for looking
I like your innovative intake manifold.... I had a boss in Engine design in the 1980s who said "plastics have no place on an engine in a car" - "They won't last like proper metal parts"... and 10 years later we had plastic intake manifolds, thermostat housings, etc. etc.

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