help council design realization fence in corrugated sheet of my laboratory

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Jul 18, 2014
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hello, I should fence off my workshop, eleven meters long, a meter and a half high, I thought of making an iron frame and screwing corrugated sheets for roofing, like a shack to be clear, what material I use for the frame of the structure, as I do to plant the pillars in the ground? use boxed or tubular profiles, how deep should the posts be to counteract the action of the wind that can exceed 100km / h? thank you for your helpful tips and advice

height H: 1.50 meters = 1.5m= 4ft 11.05512in
length L 11 linear meters = 11m= 36ft 1.070867in
Look for other similar fences in your area for guidance. We set SONO tubes of concrete into the soil so that they are below the frost level which may not be a concern for you. I would consider using stainless square tubing as any steel posts at ground level will rust out quickly. I assume you need this fence for privacy or noise reduction and not simply to limit access.

You can hire an fencing contractor and let them deal with boring holes and designing for wind load.

Just some thoughts for your consideration.

Vorrei fare i pali verticali in una scatola di 50 x 50 x 3 mm lungo 2 metri, 50 cm piantarli nel terreno con i colpi di una mazza, le traverse tenerli e realizzarli con scatola 50x 30, 2 mm, li equilibrio ai poli e su di essi avviamo i pannelli, cosa ne pensi, il palo esce dal suolo a 1,50 metri dal suolo, cosa ne pensi, come faresti?

pali 2.jpg

palo 3.jpg