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Dec 4, 2022
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Taos, NM
Full time micro machinist now, retired from ornamental and structural iron construction career. Have a Hardinge DV 59, Clausing 12" x 24", Lagun mill, and small Dyna CNC. I have several small engines (Maytag 2 cyl, and McCulloch racing chainsaw), and am into all types of small machining. Been lurking around the engine machining sites. Clocks are my thing; build log: #5 Regulator progress
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Welcome to the HMEM forum. I am sure that you will fit in here nicely as in addition to your great clock making skills you have many other varied interests.
Your intro caught my eye for two reasons. First, model engineers in NM are a rare breed, and second you have a DYNA machine.
I am located on the far west side of Albuquerque and am still using a DYNA 3000H CNC lathe.
If you get down to ABQ any time and would like to chat about building small toys you would be most welcome to visit. My driving days are past so I don't get up your way any more.
Current interest is small hit and miss engines of 3/8 bore and 1/2 inch stroke.
Hello Gail - I surely would be happy to visit sometime when I'm in ABQ and have a little time. I'll remember it and let you know.

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