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Apr 27, 2012
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Hello. My name is Dale Mauney and I live in Shelby, NC. I retired from NCDOT Jan. 1, 1998. I have been interested in machining for many years along with my other hobbies. My long term hobby has been amateur radio but I am no longer active on the air. In 2007 I bought a 7 x 12 mini lathe and an x2 mini mill/drill. I built Rudy Kouhoupt's Stirling design back in '07. I now live with my Daughter and just recently relocated all my tools and equipment to our new building in the backyard and I am ready to get started back on some projects. In fact, I have started another Rudy steam engine.

Since I don't yet have a web host for pictures I am including a link to my Facebook page and one of my photo albums called, "Piddler's Lab". I hope that the link will work for you to see photos of my shop and the completed Stirling. My page is open to the public so you should be able to access the photo album. If the link works and you are able to view the photos, you will probably think the captions are elementary. They do seem that way but bear in mind I have a lot of friends and visitors to the site that are not familiar with this hobby. You should be able to access the rest of my page, info and other albums and that will tell my story better than I can put into words here. When you get to the photo album, click on the thumbnails for larger views.

Hope this works. Below is the link:

Hi and welcome to the forum Dale! ;D

Love your shop and the way you have it all setup!
Unlike a lot of the newer members you have already jumped in the deep end of the pool!!!

The Stirling looks great!
Do you have any videos of it running?
How much heat does it require to get it running?
I have seen many that will run on a small tea light and others that require larger
propane burners to get them going!

Looking forward to your next builds!!

Welcome Dale! I am just up the road a ways in Dallas, NC. Happy you found HMEM and will look forward to your participation. That is an amazing looking shop too and a wonderful job on that little sterling...you should feel right at home here!!

Andrew, thanks for your comments. I don't have a video of the Stirling running. It takes a good bit of heat, I have used a propane torch to heat the hot end. I have had some problems with
the hot end piston. I can't find the sealer that Rudy recommended in his plans. I used exhaust system sealer but it doesn't last very long even though it is made for high temps.

I have seen Stirlings that are supposed to run from the heat of your hand but I have not seen them running.

If I had more room in my shop I would probably have more stuff to play with. Thanks again for your comments.
Thanks Bill, I feel like I will learn a lot on his forum. BTW, my Granddaughter lives near Dallas in a development between the old Dallas road and New Hope. It is off of Robinson-Clemmer Rd.

Thanks again for the welcome.
Link doesn't work for me - Facebook says page unavailable.

Is this possibly because I'm not a Facebook member? (Inconceivable, I know.)

Photobucket is a free web hosting service.

Welcome to our forum. wEc1

Best Regards
Welcome Dale!......from another non face book individual......my god Marv! we have something in Common? ;D

Don't worry Marv , I won't tell anyone! ;D


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