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Feb 20, 2010
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Twixt Tyne and Tees
Don said, give more information.
Not a lot to say really, I left school coming from a rather poor mining bit of County Durham at 14 and this was a stone's throw fromwhere George Stephenson was born, the railway pioneer. Both of us share the unique distinction of not been able to read and write- or did.
I cam from a long-very, long list of equally illiterate teenagers who started off in engineering at a disgusting young age- they were about 12!
So 'engineering' is nothing new to any of us.
During the war, I paid for for a bit of education by selling spinach in the markets and by some chance, I went on to study in my spare time such exotic topics as classical literature, French, economics. history, law and a heap of other useless pursuits. Well somebody has to!
Like every young male of 18 or thereabouts, I was obliged to join up. I sort of volunteered for everything that I wanted to do and that was Mountain rescue, a geek on an airsea rescue launch and a civilan again.
I ended up with someone wanting to give me a commission- and I was too poor to afford such fripperies. I ended up getting a superb 3 whole Engish guineas a week- and becoming deaf. Heigh ho! I even volunteered to go to the then unexplored Antarctic- because the food was awful where I was.
So my days of philandering were over and I've sort of played with money during the day and things to get finger nails dirty at night.
Nothing serious- or nothing really serious until I retired- at the ripe old age of 55. I was replaced by a rubberplant and hope that someone looked after it better than they did me. Heigh ho!

And then retirement arrived far too late. 55 is far too late to retire.

I've sort of had a wonderful life since. A few operations and the odd contribution to the hospital cat, a pair of new eyes and hearings aids which don't work- pardon speak up!!! Nothing serious.
Iam bullied into going onto holidays. I have become an acknowledged expert in pruning male palm trees, I have become a sort of unwilling participent in swimming in winter mountain streams and I went across Arctic Norway- without a tent. Oh, and I collect the collection for a local cuckoo clock Austrian from time to time(?)

So I've got to 82- without a blemish on the family escutcheon (well, sort of) I did sleep in the cells where the Dirty Dozen was filmed but claim that I was tired!

Model engineering? Well, that was the easy bit. Everyone does that- don't they?