Exchange boiler (brand new) for set of top class stationary engine castings.

Discussion in 'Boilers' started by kellswaterri, May 16, 2016.

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    Firstly I hope this is in the correct area of the Forum ....If not I apoligise...
    I have a brand new ,unsteamed boiler for a 3 1/2''L.B. Tich(ldsc)boiler id no.737.Builder...C of cons...1982.All Copper materialfirst test recort with boiler 2nd test done by MESNI (My CLUB)1st July 2006.certified as (Tight)

    To date this boiler has never been steamed other than the tests it is as in just made condition...

    I would be happy to swap this boiler for a top class set of untouched stationary steam engine castings ......Any one interested please contact me ...+447462743998

    all the best for now...
    John. kallswaterri.

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