Downfeed Handle for the Sieg X2 aka Harbor Freight 44991 Mini Mill

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Jun 5, 2009
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Camp Verde, Arizona USA
I found a very interesting addition for my HF Mini Mill that's especially useful. It is a crank handle to be used on the fine downfeed when boring, and is all 3D printed, making it cheap and easy for anyone with an FDM printer. The initial G Code was ginned up for a Prusa printer, and as I have an Ender 3 V2, proved a bit troublesome as the retracts and temp settings produced lots of strings. I imported his files into a CAD program and made a few changes (minor dimensional adjustment to one part to better fit my needs, and improved the crank handle), re-sliced it, and produced a cleaner printing copy.

All credit to the original designer at this link - Printables, as well as a big thank you for making my boring tasks that much easier. Ive added a couple pictures of my finished project below, and if anyone would like to have my updated G code files for a PLA print developed through a Cura slice, please contact me and I'll forward them.

John W

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