Do You Know What A Trans-pond-er is?

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Jul 12, 2007
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[FONT=&quot]I’ve owned a Harbor Freight 2 hp, 8 gallon compressor for 3 years. I use it a lot and it works as advertised. Recently, in a fit of clumsiness I broke off the drain valve for the air tank. Well I removed the bloody stump of the valve and figured I’d just make a new one. I measured an OD for the thread of 0.516”. Well, that’s too big for US Unified. Checking NPT pipe sizes ruled those out, but it seemed about right for a metric 13 mm. Trouble is, a metric die in 13 mm seems to be quite rare so I tossed that possibility. [/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]It did seem right for a ¼” British Standard Pipe Parallel (BSPP) so I checked further and found that in that size, there are 19 threads per inch. Whoops, this is getting pretty hairy, because my lathe won’t do that pitch (easily). So what’s a yank to do? [/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]I could just order the part from HF but I was never too keen on the valve in the first place. Well I found a nifty little adapter that has ¼” NPT on one end and BSPP on the other. With NPT on the outflow I can plumb in a more convenient ball valve.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]I’m calling this fitting a “Trans-Pond-er!”. [/FONT]Rof}


[FONT=&quot]Phil (just a yank trying to work globally)[/FONT]
Aw jeez!! I always thought that something like that was called an "adaptilator". Thanks so much for setting the record straight! ;D
Hi from the other side of "the pond"

"Trans-pond-er" good name for it but I'm surprised that BSP threading tackle is so rare in the states we seem to be able to get NPT stuff O.K.

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