Another Poppin project.

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Thank you for the compliment and thank you for watching, J.
Hello all,

Have not had a lot of time lately to do much on Poppin.

I had an old large bronze bushing laying around that had some inclusions in the cast and was given to me as scrap.

I took that and cut it in strips to be able to machine some round stock for the tiny rocker shaft bushings.
I have never worked with these small items before so that was fun to do, and the pics will show how small they are.


It was a pain to do all that work to only end up with two mini bushings, but than that's what's the fun in playing in the chips lol.

The next pic shows the location of the bushings and how they hold the rocker shaft in place on the standard.


This small work is all new to me and I am learning about patience with it :D

Anyway.., I have been busy and not able to do much so I thought this update would keep things current.
I will be busy through the Holidays also but will try to make a few more items as I want to see this project finished and working soon.

Happy Holidays everyone, cheers, J.