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Just watched the longer version. It may have been more interesting if you had added a commentary of "50% power", "full power" etc. per burn test. I guess that is what it was showing? : Set blower speed, adjust fuel to optimum flame, record settings....
What a great burner! You have spent a LOT of time developing this and have now got something you can reliably turn ON and OFF and adjust the power. Ideal for your boiler!
Well done!
Many thanks for the above K2,...the burner development has been a long, mostly enjoyable journey.

What you see in the video is me verifying that I can run through most of the entire range of power output without any problems. The burner's power output is controlled by turning a single knob, much like the volume control on most radios; the computer sets both airflow and fuel flow based on that single power level knob. I'm still not completely happy with all the yellow flames, and I plan to do more tweaking in the future, but for now, the burner is operating well enough that I can safely place it inside the boiler.

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