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Project of the Month Winner!!!
Project of the Month Winner
Jan 17, 2009
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Our daughter gave birth to our third grandchild on Friday a little boy Matthew James, both mum and baby are doing well.

A happy grandad and grandmother

:big: :big: :big: :big: :big:

:big: :big: :big: :big: :big:

Stew and Dot
I must admit I was expecting to see pictures of a new machine in your workshop.... But congratulations nonetheless =)

About time Stew, that little rugrat has kept you out of your shop just too much these last few weeks, hanging around waiting for him to pop out.

th_wav th_wav th_wav

Many congratulations from myself, John jnr and the rathounds.
Congratulations Stew.

Congratulation Stew!

Also to Mom and Dad!
Congratulations Stew! Such a wonderful event!
Blessings to mother and baby.
Thanks Guys

We're over the moon at his arival. he was a bit late in comming and with a few complication, but all was well in the end.

We had his big brother to look after for a few days before and after his birth, needless to say Gran and Grandad need a week to recover, don't know where they get their energy from.

Foozer said:
Congratulations Stew

Best thing about grandkids is the ability to give them back to the kids :)


Could not have said it better myself...............Congratulations Stew.

Best Regards
Congratulations to all Stew....and may he share your talents for all things mechanical...well in a few years anyway :)

Thanks for the congratulations and good wishes Chaps