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Dec 15, 2007
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S.W. LA.
I do have the lathe going back together fine and did clean up great with no pits, compared to the 7X10 lahte this is leaps and bounds better, they really built a nice lathe on this model, I am directing this question at 8X12 mini lathe fellow or anyone with one that wants to chime in, my question is, the two holes that are threaded below the spindle shaft on the gear end of the lathe, what gear number and does it go in the hole closest to the operator or the rear hole, while bothering you all could I get a photo of the gears meshed together and the number of each one and how many gears come with the lathe and the number on them, want to finish up but that is the only thing that I really need to get and understand, the last hurtel that I face is getting it wired, the HF diaghram is not read able and I have not been able to find one and the worst part talked to several electrical fellow and the won't even touch it with out a diaghram, help if anyne can, thanks.

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