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  1. Nikhil Bhale

    Silver soldering rod for boiler

    Hello, I am planning to built a model boiler for my PM research steam engines. I would not like to exceed working pressure of boiler more than 3 bars. I have gone through some plans on for the same. After seeing the plans I am confident that I can get all the...
  2. raveney

    1916 65 HP Case Traction Engine 1/16 Scale

    Hello, New project is a 3/4 inch per foot scale model of a Case steam traction engine that is located nearby at a fairgrounds in central Florida. I never gave much thought to these tractors until a colleague at work told me about the Case 150HP that was recreated in the Midwest by a young man...

    A new model on the horizon - PSE

    Here are photos of our vertical model. As you can see this underdeveloped prototype. We are very serious about improving this model and the quality of workmanship. Later we want to introduce this model for sale. Luckily, these are just old photos of the old prototype. We need to refine this...
  4. Jennifer Edwards

    An Older One Off Boiler For Sale

    Note: Fire Box Removed for last two pics I picked up this nice old boiler about six months ago. I was going to tackle the restoration myself but decided against it as I do not have the equipment or knowledge to do a safe and proper job. It is a gem in the rough for the right person. In my...