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    Square holes ?

    If you only need a square hole but hot all the way through the plate, It can be made using a woodruff cutter. Plunge from one side half way through flip plate and plunge from other side at 90 degrees to first cut meet and adjust to allow square size. May need to calculate and approach by trial &...
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    Round HSS inserts

    I believe that insert is held in the tool holder by taper pressure. The cutting edge is supported/locked by a taper "tit" behind the cutting edge. It could get thrown out during entry, exit, or interrupted cuts I don't think it is a good candidate for flycutting. Make your own flycutter and use...
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    We all make mistakes, some just won't own up to theirs. Better to lose a part then run a busted file through the palm of the hand like I did. Was tired and it was the last thing I did intending to quit after rounding a rod end. Lucked out with minimal damage to the hand with no lasting...
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    Thread cutting dies

    KMSK1, As you have already read the hex dies is not for cutting threads but for chasing them to clean or finish. They will tear the thread upon back off. If you can start the thread with single point then use the hex die you will have more success. At that size it will be difficult to start the...
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    Question about expansion

    If you freeze, use dry ice and heat the die cast. Better if the insert has OD serrations or grooves to keep it from spinning with screw tightening pressure. Epoxy is a viable solution. Will a helicoil work? You would have to figure if the dimensions fit your app. STI tap is oversize to allow...
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    Regrinding Twist Drills to drill Brass.

    All one needs to do is stone the cutting edge to keep the helix from "screwing" in. A .010" to .015" flat on the edge of the drill cutting end will suffice to stop burying the drill in the brass and other soft materials. No need to alter the heel or angle. The flat alone does the job. The idea...
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    how end mills are made!

    And people complain of the cost of 'em. CNC qualified mill cutters get more precise care in making. Is why they cost more.
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    Sitting At The Lathe

    Buzzbait, I have issues with my legs, too. Have since '77 but I use a stool at both the lathes and mills. Yes it is awkward, but it helps me to spend time at a job. Most employers had no problem with me resting at a machine so long as I produced. One just didn't like anyone not "conforming"...
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    Bad drill press vice. How is this acceptable!?

    I'm fairly sure quality control has no meaning in China. At least not as we know QC. Their metal content and quality can very from piece to piece. Seems the average worker is only concerned with his rice allotment for the day. Not how good the product is. Factory owner, too. I think the only...
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    Minimizing heat build-up when milling?

    An air nozzle directed at the cut helps to cool and evacuate chips. I have a mist system which has done OK by me. Not too much of a mess and keep the tool & work cooler then without. The mist device I have was not too expensive, either.
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    Yulee Sugar Mill Model

    History lesson much appreciated! Always interested to learn of Americas' "lost" history. I have a friend living in Yulee, Fl. No where near the mills site, I know. But to know some more of Fl. and the people that made it livable makes me a bit smarter. Can't use the info to make money, but...
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    Yulee Sugar Mill Model

    Steve, So why is it called Yulee mill if it is in Homosassa Fl.? I've been to Yulee but am not familiar enough with the area to know such things. Great work, BTW! To model from a known measurement and a photo shows more than a passing ability in machining.
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    How do you cut small threads?

    You could turn a dead center to use for your small diameter threading. Make it like the CNC centers with a long reach cone to allow your tooling to get in for the job. If you can use a drill chuck in the tailstock, make the dead center shank to fit into the chuck like a drill shank. Even a rod...
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    Anyone have experience working on large Victor Lathes?

    Not specifically the same lathe but similar in design. On my machine, and that lever, when some of the positions are selected only one lead screw turns. In other positions both turn. Could be yours is the same set-up. Hope that is the issue for you.
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    A very sad Lad..

    I can never understand the cruelty of humans. The whole world has gone mad. And I fear the future holds more cruelty, including human victims. History is repeating itself! Again.