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    Light Machine Vice

    Hi airbus, Are the plans still available? - I see they have been downloaded 140 times but when I try to download them, I get the message: "An Error Has Occurred! You are not allowed to access this section." Am I doing something wrong? ???
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    Rudys Radial 5

    Very impressive :bow:
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    Building Fred

    Excellent work 8)
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    Simplified Vapor Fuel Tank

    :o I hadn't considered that but I would imagine that is very nasty - your method seems much safer :)
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    Simplified Vapor Fuel Tank

    Interesting - when I have seen these before, I had assumed that the tube which lets air in actually reached into the fuel in order to cause the air to bubble through the fuel - it seems that this is not necessary 8)
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    Alibre 11.2 and CamBam

    I can only comment slightly because I have little experience myself however it is a hobby and therefore on a small-ish budget for me. I bought Alibre 11.2 when it was on offer for $99 (although I got it for £63 in the UK) and along with that I have CamBam (free version) to create GCode files...
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    Alibre 11.2 and CamBam

    Hi Jim, I've sent you a PM with more details however in case anyone else is reading here - The version on Mike's website should simply work with the version of Alibre and CamBam you have - you do not need the modified version. I do not have Alibre 12 or CamBam 0.9.7 myself so I can't be...
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    Digital calipers going haywire

    I had the same problem the other day - I too thought it was because of the low temperature and it did improve when warming up but not enough to be usable. Looks like I need to strip it down and clean it next :)
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    Alibre 11.2 and CamBam

    Hi deere_x475guy. Hopefully you should have this now 8)
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    5 cylinder air motor

    Beautiful :bow:
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    Alibre 11.2 and CamBam

    Oh, Sorry, I must have downloaded one of those untested ones for some reason. You would be find with 0.8.1. If you would like a copy of the plugin, just send me a message with your email address and I will mail it back to you. :)
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    Alibre 11.2 and CamBam

    Well the main problem point is with the version of CamBam rather than the version of Alibre. CamBam is available as a free limited program which is version 0.8.2 (does everything I need to do hobby wise) or as a paid for version which has new features and is currently version 0.9.7. I would not...
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    Alibre 11.2 and CamBam

    I was very interested recently to see a free Alibre to CamBam plugin at ( It allows you to import features/shapes from Alibre into CamBam so you can apply machining operations. Unfortunately I was disappointed when I found that it would not work with Alibre 11.2 and the free...
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    Stirling Beam Engine Finished

    Very nice :bow:
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    I'm using but I'm no expert :-[
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