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    I want to build---

    Hey Brian awesome build's it would look real neat to build a mechanism like in post #43 and gear it with gears or belt and run it with one of your engine's
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    Engine transportation and display box

    Hey Brian box looking good looks like a pro built it. Why not put a jack in the side of your box to plug the charger in like you would your phone
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    The way it used to be (and still is)

    I really liked the video reminds me of when I started machining back in the early 70's. There is some good video's on UTube check out kef791 it is a one man job shop around Cape Cod.
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    Model Sawmill Dreaming---

    Hey Brian As usual your work is top notch. You was saying that your Mill doesn't have a power feed why don't you build one here a while back I read a post where Ozzie 46 built one so why don't you. Always following a long. Cliff
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    Brian builds Atkinson Engine

    Hey Brian Beautiful work I used to have to use a straight boring bar and just pull out the tool a little at a time it got real hairy when you got to the final few thou. Cliff
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    Brian builds Atkinson Engine

    Brian Still following along I'm taken back at the mechanics that go into building a engine I followed you when you built the webster and the issues you had with it I think at one time you thought about pulling your hair out but you worked through it and you will work through this. I will be...
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    Brian builds Atkinson Engine

    Hey Brian I am here looking in at some top notch work. I read and enjoy all your post I have from day one it always makes my day. Cliff
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    Brian builds Atkinson Engine

    Brian I'm still fallowing your every post and to me your still top notched In post and drawing's I look...
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    Start on a long term project

    Hey Ron looks real professional. Cliff
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    Harbor Freight Lathes and Mills?

    I have read your posting and thought I would chime in and give my two cents worth. I have a 7X12 HF lathe and have not had any trouble with it. You have to remember that they are not a big heavy duty lathe just use a little TLC and it should give you years of good job. I been a machinist for...
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    Bridge building---

    Brian I know what your talking about I ran my Clock business for about ten years working seven days a week a lot of the time and got real burned out on it to the point I don't even want to look at one. Cliff.
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    Bridge building---

    Hey Brian nice looking Bridge as long as the wife likes it is all that matters. Will be watching and waiting for your next build I always enjoy following your builds. Cliff
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    Why didn't I know this?

    I thought that is what they made files and emery paper for. I never ran a lathe or mill that would machine that close. Cliff.
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    Small V8

    Steve first let me say that you have a fantastic talent and words can't describe how great your build is I have been following all your builds from day one almost. I have a question about the powder you put on your rings is it the same as Case Harding or is it something different. Cliff
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    Tiny I.C. Engine