Use Sand around a Foundry Myth

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Jul 2, 2021
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MidSouth, USA
I have had several people state online that a foundry must have sand all around it in order to be safe.

I have never used sand around my foundry, and I often pour over concrete, or more lately over a large sheet metal oil drip leak pan, like the ones that can be used under an automobile.

Sand can and will get moisture in it, and even dry sand can contain enough moisture to flash molten metal, and cause a small explosion.

Here is a flash that occurred when someone poured into an open container of sand.
See 0:18.

One should not assume a false sense of security just because one is using sand around the furnace/foundry.

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Where we had molding was concrete. The roller covyers was over just earth and furnaces was too. Did not spend money on concrete for pouring and furnace area.

I was told by ones in the foundry industry to put sand on floor , so I just not wast money on concrete.

Any doing molding did not near the furnace in July and August on 110° day.


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