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Jun 14, 2013
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OUTERZONE have, since 2011, been the go-to place for model aircraft plans.

As of Thursday, they will also be hosting plans for model engine building with the initial 2 plans going on. Over the next few weeks many more will be loaded which will be around 40, so after this initial batch is on - then it will be available for further plans you may have to be included, just have to be a bit patient till then.

Outerzone will advise on the site when it will be ok to send further ones through. It is quite an undertaking to get them on.

It will be fantastic for us all to have a repository for model engine plans - in one place to peruse and copy as you can do with the model aircraft ones. These initial plans are available on the web, but sometimes difficult to find.

Outerzone is a wonderful entity and it is free – no joining fees or anything, as a sort of co-ordinator for this to happen, could I ask that you think about hitting the “donate” button at the bottom of the main page – and help out if you can.

And start digging out those engine plans you have buried away over the next few weeks !

Plans in the pipeline

Belmont G9 – BJ Cicada – Black Mamba – BollAero 18 – Chernich Bar humbug – Chunn Chum – Clanford Clan – Clerget – Cygnet Royal – DA 1 cc (David Anderson) – EmBee (PMC) 75 – Holly Buddy – Little Dragon – Trojan – M&M – Owen Mate – Deezil – Mite – Mancini – Nova – Scrapper – Dyno – Fig Tree Pocket Twin – Vivell – Weaver – ED Baby – Micron 5 cc – ML Midge – MS12 - -Schroeder 09 – Simplex 25 – Sparey Twin – Vega 30 – Wilsco 79 – Ace .5 diesel – Vega .25 glow – DA Satellit (David Anderson) – M S 1.24 - Simplex 25

Regards to all … Ed