Model steam turbines.

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Jun 18, 2020
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Any one using the model steam turbines off Amazon?
I have two of them just getting ready for operation I’m going to order the PMResearch model dynamo shortly I already have two small generators. I have a series of tooth belt reductions I can use . These little thing can turn 50-100 k rpm. They realy scream if you it much air in all of the generators I have need some reduction. A guy on mucosa created these as well as a nice miniature about the size of little finger . It’s more just a noise maker He also has one with a built in gear reduction but I’ve been unable to find the that one lately. Another guy wound a llarger one up until the bearings failed. Mine run gaps Ky at about 20 k with marvel oil in the air line I may put a little drain port to clear the oil out . Maybe another Orr to inject a little oil while running I had to order a tee connection so I can run both at the same time I have a light bar coming so I’ll see if they can drive it .

The big question is a shaft coupler . I have 1/4” tygon and I YHINK I can get shaft collars to hold it on instead of screw clamps. I also have a 10 turn potentiometer and a hand full of variouscresistors and capacitors . I’m hoping to achieve some usable lighting mostly just a fun project .

I’m still working on my steamer engines . Re learning Solid Works so I can make some more minor changes .

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