ML4 DNA illness

Discussion in 'The Break Room' started by JCSteam, Apr 14, 2018.

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    Guys I hope you take a minute to read this post. I am in no way effected or attached to this organisation. However having simply been researching the myford ML4 which is a part of our own heritage to where we are now in terms of our engineering I stumbled across this cause.*

    I am not asking you to give....just take a moment to follow the links and tell me if not only the children but the carers deserve relief from this disease.*

    As a family of seven, one of which is diagnosed on the autism spectrum, i feel quite privialged of my family watching the video. And despite the struggles at times I have nothing to complain about.*

    I would like to think that as a group of people connected by machinery of the same namesake that helped build this hobby and our current engineering through the 1940's and beyond, would work together to help where they can.*

    Everyone deserves to grow up now and again.

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