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Jan 26, 2022
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Hi. After moving away from the 'Manual Trades' 15 odd years ago thanks to injury I've earned crusts by way of IT, in the 'Hot Air' capital of Australia. I find my self here suffering from the tangential pull of lost art, making 'Real' things with my own hands . .

Whilst making 3000 whatsits at +0.5 / - 0.2 mm on a Herbert No.4, or setting and stamping varying FMS through which ever Chalmers and Corner or John Hein press was free, was to me not overly novel at the time, it is now however an absence I lament, and feel brooding within. It's an itch that watching Clickspring, ToT, Quin 'n Stephan only scratches so far. ( I will try resist the obligitory 'which lathe' post that so often marks this sort of thing :) .. at least for a little while.

So for me .. it's weekend workshop ho !! .. in a slow, 'non production' lathe kind of way. . . If you know of any particularly insightful threads for 'Bootsrapping' a mini machine shop ecosystem, from scratch and/or on the cheap (not just pickin' a lathe), do point them out, as i think I'm across the basic stuff for lathe choice, thanks to posts here and elsewhere, but there will be forgotten items .. for sure.

Some more patience for me on the "cheap chinese vs old Iron dichotomy" may be due, some pondering time for me yet. Ironically the garage is a 'car port' and needs a Tiltadoor first. With that said, my dad's probably up there muttering ".. yes, but have you thought of this .." and is now likely chortling at me, from that big 'Clydebank Workshop in the sky'. Equally, he now probably has that 'lusted after' Hercus Lathe he used to talk about .. lucky him.

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Jeez R, you sound like you've been in my head! Originally an instrument maker but wandered into broadcasting for 40 years. I loved working with brass, that squeal, and am dreaming of a miniature set-up to make widgets n gizmos. I'll watch your progress, btw 'berra trees will be turning soon. I'm just up the road in Sydney.

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