Ericsson Pumping engine

Discussion in 'Finished Projects' started by fcheslop, Oct 15, 2019.

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    After more cunning plans than Blackadder this engine is nearly finished
    I dont know who made the castings as they have been through several owners
    The beam had to be machined from the solid and the geometry redrawn due to errors by a previous builder
    All in all its ending up more like the original engines and the fire box is as per the kero type
    Also thanks to Bobs Models for his very useful write up
    A little of its history canbe seen here Another Part Build.....
    It now runs with one 5/16 dia wick meths fired and still needs the speed control to keep her from flying away
    I have fitted a regenarator into the displacor but simply dont know if its been of any advantage
    Video once the base is finished
    Kind regards and thanks for looking

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