Adding power feed to HF 5980

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Jan 31, 2010
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I obtained a HF 5980 for free and feel like I have it cleaned, trammed and tuned well enough to do some work, but I find that I am unable to turn the handwheels consistently slow enough to produce a quality surface finish. I have done a ton of research and have been unable to find any kits or info to add power feed to the machine. So I see a project in the near term of adding power feed to the x and y axis via stepper motors and a simple pulley/gear/belt set up. Any body have a recomendation for the required motor torque to accomplish slow movement for final pass cuts and fast movement for jog functions. I am not really interested in true CNC, idealy the ability to engage a variable speed power feed for those times when a slow controlled move would contribute to a clean ridge free surface on a final pass, and the ability to jog back to the start point fairly quickly. Thanks in advance for any input you guys may have!!!!!

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