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  1. glue-itcom

    Solenoid Motor Powered Tractor

    I finally improved the power of the solenoid and designed a tractor around it. Hopefully you can see hints of a Field Marshall
  2. raveney

    1916 65 HP Case Traction Engine 1/16 Scale

    Hello, New project is a 3/4 inch per foot scale model of a Case steam traction engine that is located nearby at a fairgrounds in central Florida. I never gave much thought to these tractors until a colleague at work told me about the Case 150HP that was recreated in the Midwest by a young man...
  3. Beckerdi

    Coles Power Models Museum Engines For Sale

    Hi all! I'm the widow of Martin Becker - posted on here before once or twice. I'm officially selling the pieces from the Coles Museum (about 35 engines) - I was hoping to find someone who would buy the collection together and keep it together but if that doesn't happen I'll be looking to sell...