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    4x6 Metal Bandsaw Mods

    Just a idea, but if you make your table a little smaller you can leave it attached to the saw and not have to remove it each time you want to use the saw in the cut off mode. This photo shows about four mods I have done to my saw. The removable jaw extension on the moving jaw, the jaw clamp...
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    new 4 jaw for Rotary Table

    X2 for the tupper ware screw driver holder, beats the heck out of my coffee cup holder. And you will like the four jaw also, great addition to your kit. Mel
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    What did I buy?

    I see this type of drill bit around here a lot, mostly in second hand shops. I was told they came from one of the aircraft plants near Seattle, probably Boeing. I usually can buy them for less than 50¢ each. They are a very good quality bit.
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    Wanted: partially completed hit miss engine

    stonewall, I sent you a personal message. Mel
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    For Sale 8" Palmgren Cross Slide Rotary TableSOLD

    I found a Palmgren 8” Cross Slide Rotary table in a box in my shop that I forgot that I had! The reason it was boxed up is, it’s too big for my little milling machine. I just spent a couple of hours taking it apart and cleaning and oiling it. I don’ think it has had very much use. Both the X...
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    My thoughts are with you and your family.
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    X3/SX3 Power Feed Clutch

    I have a Griz G-0619 and I have what looks like that same Power feed. Except I bought it from Little Machine Shop. And the first time I used it I had the same problem of with the table manual drive,,,,,until I found that by putting the direction selector in the neutral position eliminated the...
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    First Run

    That has to be the wildest sounding engine I've ever heard. Great looking also. I can't tell the size from the video though. Can you post a photo with something to reference the size by. Thanks
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    My retreat

    Brad, there is something very wrong with your shop! I couldn't find one thing in there that was GREEN ;D Kidding aside your shop looks great :bow: Mel
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    Humidity Problem

    When I moved from DRY DRY Idaho to the Oregon coast I was shocked at the speed that things rusted here. I only live a mile inland from the ocean and we get heave dew almost every night. I have found that a light coating of WD40 helps a lot, but I have decided that air circulation helps the most...
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    Drill Press Table

    I like your drill table Chuck, I have been playing with the idea of making a drill press table with “T” slots in it much like my milling machine table. It would allow one to use the mills clamping fixtures and would also be handy to attach various vices and other things. Would be a great way to...
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    Things one should never say

    Hey! hold my beer and watch this!
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    Opposed 4 Cylinder Air Engine

    Great plans Chuck, the only thing I see that you might of left out, is maybe the holes in the valve block for the air supply tube & block that attaches to the back end of the valve block with 2, 2-56 socket head cap screws. But is obvious they need to be there so maybe it's not that important...
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    computer microscope

    I have one that I bought about a year ago, it's a Digital Blue, bought in on Ebay for less than $20. It will take photos to the computer using the key board. The best thing I found it useful for is finding those pesky little metal slivers I get in my finger from time to time. It's kind of...
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