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    Internal radius turning tool to make tube bending dies

    Here is a little story I wrote about the internal radius turning tool I made to make tube bending dies for an import metal bender.
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    Making a die for an import metal bender.

    A little video I made about making a die for the average metal bender with a shop built radius turning tool. https://youtu.be/6bIcJdu2PqQ
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    Gail In NM - He's Back

    Hi Gail, I am sorry to hear of your health troubles but am glad to hear you are getting better. Thank you for all of your help, past and future. Kevin
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    Hey Dave, Thanks for all of your efforts managing the site. Now get back in the shop and get some work done on that lathe! Seriously, it must be tough letting go of a labor of love after all the years. If the new owner is making money from the site, does that mean he will pay the moderators...
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    Compressed Air V8 Cirrus

    Your project is looking great Chuck. That's a pretty neat way of scalloping out your case. Your grinding attachment looks well thought and made too. I like the clean finish you get when touching up your tools on a sanding belt. Gotta make me one!
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    1/4 scale V8, first project.

    If somebody showed me the close up picture of the rotor, I would have said it was CGI. Perfect.
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    Pacific Vapor Engine from Morrison & Marvin Castings

    Beautiful work Dave. It is great to see the poured babbit bearings. When I went to trade school we were taught how to blue and scrape them in. It has since been dropped from the curriculum... Great shop too!
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    1/4 scale V8, first project.

    Amazing, if it weren't for the mag base, you'd never know. Keith, have you got any pictures of your non-engine projects?
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    Never ceases to amaze me

    I hear ya Dave. When I joined up it was easy to keep up to date just by looking at the side-bar. Now, you can make a post and it is gone from the side-bar within minutes. It really is hard to keep with all the great builds. :bow:
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    Congratulations Don. It's really nice to see a beautiful engine doing some work and the lamp to showcase itself is such a great idea.
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    Super Tigre G32 1cc diesel - a 5cc version

    Outstanding craftsmanship Ramon! Thank you for taking the time to document the build for us.
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    1/4 scale V8, first project.

    I'd say brilliant! but I guess being a little nuts never hurt. Thanks for the insight. Still way over my head though.
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    1/4 scale V8, first project.

    That's pretty amazing Keith! How do you keep track of the depths and step-overs for something like that? How long does a piece like that take you? A time lapse video of that being made would be so cool. Awesome!!
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    Mini Bike

    Who needs a squirrel? This guy managed okay;
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    Mini Bike

    Great idea for a project Steve. The classic minibike is, well, a classic. Nice to see all of the frame parts fixtured up. Have you designed the engine already?