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    Miniature engine design

    Hey Chris! How are you? This is a pretty interesting topic, i think. I can share some thoughts on the subject which may help you. Quick note: i`m a student of Mechanical Engineering and most of my background comes from there, as well as a lot of research into IC engine design and machining...
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    Bluing steel part.

    Are you trying to blue tooling? if so cold bluing is a good option. Sure, it isn`t very durable but its good enough for tooling and seems to be what manufacturers use in most parts. Plus, if you keep your tools oiled they shouldn`t rust. Parts that are handled a lot will always develop some...
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    PatRoVa Rotary Valve engine

    Mr. Pattakos, thank you, that was a great response. you seem to have a pretty solid plan. with that in mind, if you ran all of the calculations, i think its time to build a prototype to test it out as you pointed out. there certainly are some people on this forum which could help you with...
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    PatRoVa Rotary Valve engine

    I have a few issues with some things you said. mind that my background is in mechanical engineering and that i`m not criticizing the overall design but rather some rather flimsy conclusions you arrived at. first and foremost, thats a cool new rotary valve design, i`ve never seen it before and i...
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    Drilling bronze valve cages. Not happy

    those universal motors will get to 10krpm easily, maybe to fast for grinding. you would be better off with a house fan motor as far as speed goes. less chance of the grinding wheel exploding. you don't really need much power in tool sharpening grinders, or speed for that matter. the speed...
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    Drilling bronze valve cages. Not happy

    try a flat drill or a boring/facing bar, should work with less deflection. your problem here is either deflection of the drill , drill wander (very likely with twist drills), or work moving around in the chuck. try the flat drill, buy some HSS round stock 4mm and grind it to shape(some call...
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    Machining a cylinder head

    you can lower comp ratio back down shaving the combustion chamber all around, removing a little material at a time and checking the volume of the combustion chamber. this can also be done to get the compression on all cylinders similar. however it won't get the valves back up. you can also use...
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    Machining a cylinder head

    you don't really lower the CC's of the engine, you just lower the CC's of the combustion chamber. the engine displacement is given by the stroke of the piston, and that is not changed unless you change bore or crankshaft throw. valve to piston contact is a serious possibility. very bad if...
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    How to true the column of a Mill-Drill?

    you could scrape it to fit or file to fit. how much is it deviating? how much material would you have to remove to make it square? that's some fairly involved work and not much people would care enough to do it i think.
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    milling machine spindle

    you can use 1045 for the spindle.needs to be ground and polished on the bearing fits. angular contact ball bearings will be more expensive than conical roller bearings and more difficult to find. however, we need to decide on the acceptable TIR(total indicated runout), regular bearings have...
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    D-drill bit??

    actually you turn the outside diameter to the final diameter or taper in this case, then harden and finally grind away to 1/2 diameter. some people leave a thou over 1/2 diameter. you could also make a reamer with just a little more effort for a given taper.
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    Heck of a deal--Well, Uhh--Maybe

    you can use the 0.05mm as 2thou. mine is graduated just like yours but i'm a metric guy, and i only use the inch side for full inch and 1 1/8, etc. the 1/8 graduations are pretty easy to read.
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    Finish on pattern

    i am still to make my first pattern but i gave that issue some thought already. i was considering using two part epoxy paint as it is fairly hard and doesn't dry tacky as enamel and other stuff does. in my books varnish is quoted several times, that and lacquer. it'll probably take a few test...
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    How can I soften silver-steel?

    you can get a fairly good hardenable steel from roller element bearings, they're usually 52100 steel (IIRC) it's hardness is almost that of HSS when hardened. and can be softened by the traditional methods. also automotive leaf springs (6150 steel IIRC) will make great cutting tools. those you...
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    Machining a cylinder head

    what cylinder heads are we talking and what operation? you have to consider that lowering the heads will increase the compression ratio. so badly twisted heads will be better off replaced. usually a fly cutter is a good option as tooling goes.