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    New design - 0.5cc model aircraft diesel maybe call it "the Gecko"

    The mallard was a Mercury kit, Goldstar. Stew
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    Grif update

    Keep your chin up Grif.....positive thinking is SO important, hope you'll be on the mend soon! Stew :)
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    Hi From N.Yorkshire UK

    A very warm welcome to the forum John and "happy engine building" cheers, Stew.
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    Another newbie...dutch this time.

    A warm welcome to the forum Rob, and the best of luck with your miniature engine. One of your countrymen, Jan Ridders is a wizard with them.
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    A different opposed piston engine---

    Brian, this is the principle of operation of the "rootes" diesel used in the "commer" truck and known as the TS3 engine, it was watercooled and had a blower to scavenge the spent gases when both inlet and exhaust ports were open, there are one or two examples of survivors on "U tube"...
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    Hello from South Coast UK

    A warm welcome to the forum John, from yet another telecom guy..Hampshire is a lovely spot and I'm not surprised by your interest in aero engines and planes, as Supermarine made aircraft there and isn't Farnborough there too? plenty of inspiration there!
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    Verticale Steam Engine

    beautiful workmanship, and wonderful casting skills! Congratulations Joe Kosmos Stew.
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    Remember your first?

    Well they all look great, and they RUN...I'd call that a success. Stew.
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    experimental steam engine

    The stainless cylinders could be heavily finned to increase their surface area for transfer of heat..also the two pistons and other reciprocating parts moving in the same direction will create a lot of inertia forces at the end of the stroke, probably would be better set up as a boxer engine...
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    Just wanted to say ha all, I'am a new member

    hello chipmakerman, and a warm welcome to the forum. Stew.
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    Hello from Wisconsin

    Welcome Greg, I hope you may find a fellow "ham" enthusiast on here. Stew.
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    Hello From Belgium

    hello Barry and a warm welcome to the forum and good luck with your engine building. Stew.
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    Newbe from belgium/switserland

    Hello pieter, and welcome to the forum..sounds like model engineering runs in the family, lovely machines by the way. Stew.
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    I love your enthusiasm Andrew, welcome to the forum. Stew.
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    OilWater Pump for IC Engine

    These are the oil pumps favoured by Kirby Lauson on their lawnmower engines, seemed very dependable. Though the delivery will be pulsating of course. Stew.