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  1. hermetic

    Colchester Student lathe refurb

    Hi guysa few weeks ago I finished the rebuild and repaint on my lathe, and also did a few repairs to it, including removing several loose spare parts from the bottom of both gearboxes, and putting them back where they should have been!I have also got a nearly new set of spindle bearings for this...
  2. canadianhorsepower

    tachometer, the easy way

    I'm a big fan of tachometer on any machinery. But on the other hand it irritates me when you look at a tachometer on some machinery site and the price is exhaustive. and for NO real reason. here are pictures of the tach system I use, from 9 to 99000 rpm, from 9 to 36 volts and can be mounted in...
  3. canadianhorsepower

    lantern chuck, a must for modelers.

    I did build the Lantern chuck after trying to shorten 4/48 screws and grinding my fingernails or burning myself.I did make a couple of adapter. at the end of the threaded rod I put a 6/32 allen bolts this allows me to secure my parts really tight and it doesn't interfere if I want to use the set...