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  1. W

    Introducing myself as a newbie

    Hi, Although I've had a keen interest in engines for a long time, I've only recently (last few months) discovered scale engines and am looking to making my own and learning the skills required (without a kit). Though I have no tools or experience as well as a tight budget due to being only 17...
  2. wolf GFX

    New member from Germany

    Hi all! I'd like to introduce myself as a new member! May name is Wolfgang, i'm living in Germany, 63 years young and retired engineer in electronics. I'm interested in model engineering since about 25 years. I started out with a homemade lathe built by my grandfather building Stuart 10V steam...
  3. J

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Hi everybody, I’m Jake from central Pennsylvania. Having just graduated from college I’ve found myself with some spare time to work on projects for fun, and started scrolling through the folder I had compiled titled “Machine Shop Projects”. I came across a few air engines that seemed...
  4. A

    Hello everyone, I need some help!

    Hello everyone, I hope all of you have had the most beautiful holidays. My name is Aal Rin Ákos (it is a really confusing Hungarian Dutch name) and I am a 17-year-old studying at a gymnasium in Budapest. The reason why I joined here is that I am a steam enthusiast but I need some help, which...