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  1. GreenTwin

    Expand the "Home Foundry and Castings Section" ?

    Is there any interest in expanding the "Home Foundry and Castings Section" of this forum, to include separate folders for things like "Foundry Construction", "Investment Casting Methods", "Sand and Molding Techniques", "Casting Defects", "Pattern Making", etc. ? It seems like once a topic goes...
  2. raveney

    Miniature Tunnel Ram on Demon V8

    Hello all, Just finished a customized version of Steve Huck's Demon V8. Started building last May 2021 and it runs pretty well on pump gas and acetone. Learned to nickel plate, TIG weld aluminum, cut dovetails and and cast parts using lost foam method. Its using a Jerry Howell TIM-6 transistor...
  3. I

    Metal casting at home

    Hello all, I'm Igor. I'm new to this forum. I'm 25 years old and finally have some resources to start this hobby. I have a PLA 3d printer. I recently bought an Emco Unimat 3 mini lathe. I'm now building my own furnace with a steel container, refractory ceramic blanket, and plaster walls. I'm...
  4. Nikhil Bhale

    Where to get next castings kit

    Hello After I completed my PM research #5 engine I have gained enough confidence to go for another engine. I have a PM research #1 kit with me. I am watching all the YouTube video currently being shown about machining the above engine. I was thinking of ordering a hot air engine casting kit...
  5. sunworksco

    Ceramic Shell Casting Steel

    I am wanting to learn the best method of having a pair of steel bicycle pedal arms cast, using ceramic shell investment casting method. I can have 3-D printed arms made into models that burn out for the lost wax casting process. What percentage of upsizing the 3-D printed model should be given...