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    There has been some talk recently regarding the bruce satra/ bob roach r985 and r1830. Firstly have to add Ron Harris from the UK. Who I believe was building the r1830 you will find on the Internet. I had the pleasure of speaking with Bruce on a...
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    For Sale FS casting for Wright Radial

    I'm sure they where sold as a set of 10. 9 for the radial and a spare used for 1st set ups etc. I defo want to keep a set of 10. But might sell a set of 10 for the right price.
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    For Sale FS casting for Wright Radial

    I have 20 heads and 40 boxes and covers
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    For Sale FS casting for Wright Radial

    I have 20 heads and 40 boxes and covers
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    For Sale FS casting for Wright Radial

    Hi how many heads/rocker boxes are you after.
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    Black Widow V8

    I was hoping for email address as I'm in the uk
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    Black Widow V8

    Anyone got contact details for dwight giles??
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    1/6 P&W R-985 Wasp Jr by Bob Roach / Vernal Engineering

    I have both the r1830 and r985 castings from bruce and bob roach drawings and prop blades. They are indeed a work of art. I'm currently building the r1830. Last time I heard from Paul Knapp he had castings available, with full price lists.
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    WANTED WANTED sleeve valve

    I did contact lee a while back and he doesn't want to sell plans. I can see his point. With him not getting it running. Robbie
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    WANTED WANTED sleeve valve

    Did you attend one of the American shows and purchase plans and casting for sleeve valve engine. As per picture. Believed to be ageless engines. Money waiting for plans...
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    Dynamotive merlin castings

    Dynamotive merlin castings for sale on ebay. 233376877860
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    Corless 1/4 scale steam engine castings

    Do you have pictures? Will you post uk?
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    Bentley BR2 ...Pennsylvania

    what price you looking for?
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    Another Knucklehead Build

    Terry. I was driving home from work today and was thinking, not heard much from Terry for a while after the merlin build. Glad to have you doing another build, I will be watching with interest. Robbie
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    Wanted sleeve valve plans.

    Looking to buy complete set of sleeve valve engine plans. I know ageless engines had these for sale at some of the American shows for a short time. Hoping someone has a set they will never use, I can purchase. Money waiting