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    Ford Quadricycle

    A friend has had good success with scored small engine cylinders by filling the grooves with J B Weld, then sanding to match the surrounding metal. Might be worth a try before doing something more involved.
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    Tap lesson

    I have found that Tap Magic for Aluminum is the best cutting fluid out there for all non ferrous metals. It's especially good on the soft gummy ones like copper and soft aluminum. It extremely reduces the friction and torque required for any machining operation, especially threading ones. I use...
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    Interrupt Driven Rotary Table controller

    I was wondering about that too.:confused:
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    Rotary table conundrum!

    I would use an edge finder. Quick, easy, cheap.
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    cooling slots in aluminium problems

    In the USA, this is $16.32 US. + shipping for a 16 0z. bottle. It's 55.27 pounds, look at the link above. Still too much though.
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    cooling slots in aluminium problems

    Slitting saws need to run pretty slow, depending on the diameter. Maybe 150 - 300 rpm. Kerosene, WD-40, etc. is not nearly as good as TapMagic, but a lot of people won't spend the money (not that much) if they already have something else sitting there.
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    cooling slots in aluminium problems

    The one thing you can do above all else is to get some TapMagic for Aluminum. Just a little of this in the cutting zone makes everything else not as critical. You will get good surface finish and the aluminum won't stick to the cutting tool. Works great for all non-ferrous metals too, such as...
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    Brake Cleaner

    Be very careful when using Brake Cleaner. Some kinds will create Phosgene gas when exposed to heat. A little bit of that can kill you or anyone who breathes it.
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    Thread Equivalents for a Draw Bar

    I suppose fast wear is relative. It would wear out fast compared to hard steel. I get about a year and a half out of my 7/16 - 20 R8 drawbars that get daily use. You might get a couple of years out of an allthread one with hobby use.
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    Mary Beam Engine Completed

    The bottom pic looks like a different engine?:confused: Or am I not looking at it right?
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    Thread Equivalents for a Draw Bar

    A mild steel drawbar will not last very long. The threads will strip off. It would be better to weld a grade 8 bolt on the bottom or use drill rod and harden the threaded part. Another approach would be to use allthread and make the top part so it screws on, with a pin through. When the threads...
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    PatRoVa Rotary Valve engine

    Very interesting mechanics. Thanks much for taking the time to answer my questions. Best Regards - Warren
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    PatRoVa Rotary Valve engine

    That is a good looking and interesting design. I am curious - how do you make a 1 piece crankshaft and 1 piece connecting rod and assemble them. Also, how are the valves sealed off from the combustion chamber?
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    Simple question

    That looks like a nice tool for the money. Just a chuck could cost as much as they want for the whole deal.
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    Pest control in the Machine Shop

    For fruit flies and gnats, I put out a bowl of Apple Cider Vinegar with some liquid dish soap. The soap breaks the surface tension so once they land, they are stuck and soon drown. For flying insects I spray the windows with bug spray. The ones with Pyrethrin seem to be the fastest acting. By...