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    In surch of plans for steam launch engine

    How about a scaled up version of Bogstandard's Paddleduck engine? Very well documented, and almost guaranteed to run.
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    goodbye my autocad goodbye

    Wow. I learned on a system like that 35+ years ago. Haven't used a tablet in decades.
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    South Bend SB1001 8X18 Lathe

    If you were a bit closer I think I'd bite.
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    First lathe is home

    Looks a lot like the lathe I had instruction on in high school. Wish I'd paid more attention back then!
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    Shars equipmnt

    I've ordered from Shars (on eBay) quite a few times. Same stuff LMS and Grizzly sells, but at slightly better prices. Nothing is packaged any better or worse than any other chinese made stuff.
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    New from NY

    Where in Rochester? I'm in SE Brighton. Always welcome to come over and visit my shop. PM me for a phone number or email address. I'd be interested in seeing the lathe, and even lending a hand if I can. Have you visited the Rochester Makerspace? It was started by a friend, and it's worth a...
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    Refinishing a Kennedy Tool Box

    Local fabric store will have a selection of weights and colors. Tell them what you wan it for, and they can help select something. Glue in using rubber cement.
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    OnShape - free 3D pro cad

    I am a newly enlisted beta tester for this software. We are evaluating it for use at work, because the SolidWorks we currently use is pretty expensive. I will post more once I get to delve into it a little more.
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    Handy Bed Clamp

    Excellent video. Interesting piece of tooling. Never seen one before, but it looks handy.
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    is this a part for my lathe? sieg c6

    Looks to be part of a drawer slide.
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    Material costs

    I found 1215 free machining steel at McMaster-Carr (not the cheapest place) for $66 a foot. 12L14 was $92 a foot.
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    A 'nudger'

    I made one way back when someone (probably you) posted it. Something simple to make, but I never thought I'd use it. Turns out I use it more than just about any other tool I have made
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    some free lathe tooling

    Just a suggestion that you post your location. Might not be feasible to send these across the pond. Even just a zip code so people can calculate shipping. And kudos to you for your generosity.
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    Double Pendulum

    Video is private.
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    Micro mill desperate help for a novice please

    BTW, I bought parts from Little Machine Shop. Probably not the cheapest place, but they knew exactly what part and had it in stock. Be sure to label the wires as you unsolder them so you can wire in the new one the same way.