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    Vices Size?

    My SX3 is fairly well redundant now but I had a 4" vice fitted, did plenty of miles with it. Some people run a 6" but I reckon they look out of proportion, don't think there would be any harm though Couldn't tell you maximum weight, I do know that the dovetail on the Y axis (machine base) is...
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    Emcoturn 120P

    Thanks Mike, It has been a long road. Now the paneling has to be stripped down and all joints sealed with silicone to avoid coolant leaking everywhere. I am happy with the outcome. The total investment in this machine is around $6500 AUS which is around what a reasonable condition used...
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    Emcoturn 120P

    Hi Greg, The turret does appear a bit faster than it was originally. I am running the default motor parameters that Andrew Barrow supplied with his ETC V2 board. Wow! 360deg in a second, that is really fast. Will you be using the Barrow Dynamics board? or your own setup
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    Emcoturn 120P

    Hi Luc, the stepper motors are Nema 34 906 oz in.
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    ANZAC Day

    The morning over here in the West was massive. The turnout for the Gosnells service was enormous, Great to see the kids paying their respects too. Lest We Forget
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    Emcoturn 120P

    After much delay I am happy to have taken the first cuts on my machine. I am wrapped with the outcome. The surface finish and sizing is excellent, the machine is quiet. I preformed a test a few weeks back and clamped a part in the chuck, dis connected the air supply and turned the machine all...
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    A Fordillac flathead V-8 in 1/3 scale

    Great video's, Can't wait to see and hear it run. True craftsmanship once again. Thanks for sharing.
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    LSx Engine w/ 1" bore

    I will be watching this one with interest
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    How do I model a supercharger rotor?

    I did this some time ago on BobCad. Was quite a lengthy task. I did make the rotors on a 4 axis machine, they came out well but have since melted them down for another project. There were 7hrs machining Time in each rotor from 75mm dia billet 7075. Next time I will be casting them allowing for...
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    Howell v-2 four stroke gas engine.

    Love you'r work Gus. Nothing beats a good feed of fish
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    Bazmak-HELP blown up the lathe

    Sounds like the motor driver board has crapped itself, This is common. Probably best to get it diagnosed properly though. Hare and Forbes can help. They will most likely try and sell you a whole new machine. They sell Sieg machines re-labeled as Hafco Little Machine Shop in the USA mate, They...
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    Hi from western Sydney Australia.

    G'day Ian Another one from Perth WA. XD351, I used to have one as well, ex cop car, loved it. I put the 351 crank and rods in, cam manifold etc, 4sp toploader 9" Simmons wheels, turned it into an XE ESP lookalike. Sold it to my mate 15 years ago. He still has it. Bloody thing still...
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    Australia: Slideway Oil

    Just give us a yell when you are ready Simon. Cogsy you are close to my joint from memory Might be able to hook something up and both visit Simon for a coffe, Pfft! I mean beer
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    Australia: Slideway Oil

    I am keen to give it a crack mate. 1L would be good; Can drop around and pick up over the weekend if that would be ok
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    Happy Australia Day

    Happy Australia day to my fellow mates Dam Swifty you beat me too it this year. Also thank you too all our allies near and far for you'r efforts in making our home the great place it is today. Baz Thm: