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    5 inch vertical boiler plans.

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    Need Help with Maccsteam Butane Burner Gas Jet

    I ask this question regard gas jets, scroll down about 6 postings. There does not seem to be any place in the U.S. that sells them. I ended up ordering from Forest Classics - Gas Essentials and Jets. Had them in about two weeks after placing order.
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    Gas Jets

    Where, hopefully in the US, can I purchase number 8 gas jets? I am building a boiler to Sandy Campbells design which calls for Number 8 gas jet. Spent last half hour trying to find them on the internet with no luck.
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    McMaster Carr
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    Wanted: Cole's American La France Fire Engine Castings/Drawings

    Looking for drawings and castings for Cole's American La France Fire Engine. Do you have one you never started or have partly machined if so let me know what you have and how much you want?
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    Monarch 10EE Lathe & Browne & Sharpe Bridegport Mill

    Check out ebay both current listing and "sold" listing and you will get an idea what the lathe value is. Also the more tooling/attachments it has with it the higher the value. From what I am seeing on ebay for lathe with no extras $1000. to $1500. The collets and a collet closer attachment for...
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    South bend 9 restore question

    Not sure on the South Bend but on other brands I have left the bearings/bushings in place. Loosen all set screws or nuts holding gears and pulleys in place and slide the spindle out. Clean things up, paint and slide it back together. You may need to loosen the bearing caps a little but should...
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    cast iron

    McMaster Carr has a good selection or try ebay.
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    broken tap in aluminum cranckase

    Glass container should be used with Alum.
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    broken tap in aluminum cranckase

    You can get Alum at a will stocked grocery store. It's used for canning.
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    Brass: What alloy, and where to buy

    Chris the cold rolled stress relieved would be better. The only reason I could see to be using any cold rolled is to save time on machining because you have a nice surface finish to start with. After machining it to size and a little finish polishing hot rolled will look the same and be cheaper.
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    Brass: What alloy, and where to buy

    If I read your posting correctly you were looking a "cold rolled" for the flywheel. That may not be a good choice depending on how much machining you will be doing to it. Cold rolled has stresses it it from the rolling process. When you machine a piece these stresses can cause it to twist. If...
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    2 Mistakes

    Anyone that has ever cut a gear has a few "mistakes" Regarding the dividing head that's not a mistake. Look at it as you have a dividing head to fit the new lathe that will some day replace your Sherline.
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    Piston ring boor?

    Not an expert on the subject but have made a few rings. Think of the ring as a spring pushing against the sides of the cylinder. That is what makes the seal not so much "back pressure". The grove in the piston need to be just slightly deeper then the width of the rings and the gape in the end...
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    Hardware Questions

    If you want hardware that is scaled for model engines you can't do any better then American Model Engineering. I spent a lot of time checking prices and ended up ordering from them. They are great people to deal with and my order was shipped fast.