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    Newbie from South Wales UK

    Hi Martin, welcome to the forums. Do you mind if I ask which part of wales your in?
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    Were to buy 3 - 3.2mm shaft end mills in the UK

    End Mills arrived today, got 5 from ebay, been to the stockholders and picked up some brass and aluminium, and ordered a set of collets for the spindle and some screws. Once the collets arrive, i will be moving up to 6mm shanks, as they are much more readily available for a good price. All in...
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    What's more popular, Mach3 or LinuxCNC?

    My advice for anyone setting up a machine would be - find a local who uses mach and one using linuxCNC, and pay them a visit, ask them to show you some things similar to what you want to do. Then you can decide having seen both sides. Hobbiests usually love to show off there workshop, so im...
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    What's more popular, Mach3 or LinuxCNC?

    Thats a really interesting post, i see what your saying with regards to farming out the output from windows to an external driver, that makes sense. I must look into that a bit more, as you say its the realtime thats the issue, and windows does not like deadlines. On the issue of the learning...
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    Were to buy 3 - 3.2mm shaft end mills in the UK

    The link in the above post shows the ER11, i have found the collet nut has printing on the bottom saying ER11A. Does the A make a difference? I tried googling for '3020 collets' and could not find anything relevant, would you mind telling me what you googled? I think getting a 6mm and 1/4"...
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    Were to buy 3 - 3.2mm shaft end mills in the UK

    JasonB is correct it is the shank diameter of 3-3.2mm i was looking for, so i will check out they links, but if anyone knows where i could get a 1/4" or 6mm collet that fits the 3020 standard spindle, i could cope with the shipping costs if im paying under $2 for an endmill. The router/mill was...
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    Were to buy 3 - 3.2mm shaft end mills in the UK

    Can anyone help me source End Mills with a 3 - 3.2mm shaft in the UK? I have one of they cheap 3020 cnc router/mills, and was only supplied with a single endmill. Although it has done me well for making various aluminium stands and bases from wood laminate, alas it has gone dull :( Tried...
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    I'm @#!!&^%**

    Hi I had this exact problem today, on my very first post (ipad2/safari) I has written a rather long intro and hit post, and i had the 'not registered' messaged described above. When i clicked the log-in button it said i was already registered. I was a bit peeved, but ignored it assuming it was...
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    What's more popular, Mach3 or LinuxCNC?

    Im surprised that mach3 has a bigger share than emc2, granted i am an emc2 user - but there has never been anything that i couldnt do with emc2 that would make me want to pay for mach3. Also I would never trust any machine tool with Windows as an operating system. How does your poll compare to...
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    Hello englishman in exile in South Wales Uk

    Hi trapper23, although i have lurked here for a while, i just joined today. Everyone seems friendly and helpful. And to use your phrasing, im a scot in exile in south wales. Seems were a multiculutural lot. Welcome :)
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    Hi, another from South Wales, UK

    Hi, I am Graham, Live in Llanelli, South Wales and I am just new to this hobby. I have a medium size cnc lathe (Denford ORAC) and a mini cnc mill Chinese 3020. I dont have any manual machines other than drills, dremel etc. The CNCs do have a pendant controller so I can use them in...