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    Black Hills Show 2022

    Well dam, I was hoping Zanesville would be a different week end. My youngest grandson is getting married that week end , so guess where I'll be.
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    Yard sale find of the year

    Well, I finally got the DRO installed :whoohoo: 🤸 and got the chuck disassembled, cleaned and reassembled. Thank you Tom in this video: It was really cruddy inside, and has some outside damage that will not effect its function. As you can see it did have a threaded insert. All I need now...
  3. gld

    Yard sale find of the year

    NO. Got to make a clamp to hold the chuck so i can unscrew it. And I'm to busy on working on the DRO.
  4. gld

    Yard sale find of the year

    This chuck project will have to be put on hold. I was in the middle of putting a DRO on my Lagun mill and just thought I would get an arbor ordered for this chuck so I wouldn't have to remove the one on my other mill. So back to the DRO I go.
  5. gld

    Yard sale find of the year

    Turns out someone may have put a threaded insert in this chuck. I'll have to disassemble and see.
  6. gld

    Yard sale find of the year

    Hi Chuck It's threader M12 X 1.25
  7. gld

    Yard sale find of the year

    Well actually it's been a couple of years ago now. I only paid $1 for it. It's been setting on the shelf waiting on me to do something with it, and since I have a new to me Lagun knee mill, I decided I'd better get an arbor for this chuck. I've searched all the popular tool houses plus duck duck...
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    Root&Vandervoort with Magneto

    Excellent runner John. I like them slow runners. Looks very well balanced.
  9. gld

    New to me Mill

    I found it on Kansas City, Mo. Craig's list.
  10. gld

    New to me Mill

    Well, as it turns out, I did have it unlocked. Just didn't have enough leverage with only one handle. I made another handle and it moves easy now. Thanks for looking.
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    New to me Mill

    I finally snagged me a knee mill. Lagun FTV-1. Going to order a VFD , and a DRO next week. The seller inherited it from his farther who bought it new. He is sure there is a manual ,but hasn't found it yet. In the mean time I would like to move the ram, but not sure how it is locked...
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    Lead screw lube maybe

    My CNC router ( has 5/8 acme lead screws with acetel anti backlash nuts. The X axis squawks on rapid moves, and sets up a vibration in the machine. My rapids are 60ipm. Haven't ever noticed any indication of lost steps it's just annoying. It's done that...
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    Deep Drilling In aluminum block

    Look at this type of drilling tool.
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    Bore & Stroke

    What is the wildest combination of bore & stroke you have seen in a running model engine???????
  15. gld

    Ford 300 Inline Six

    "I light test each ring before it's installed." Hi Terry, How do you perform this light test, and what are you looking for? Thank you for taking the time to post the progress of your builds. Gary