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    Advice on a boiler burner

    Hello Carlos, Another option is ceramic burners. I purchased two from Stuart Models, www.stuartmodels.com Photo below shows a round burner under a small boiler I built.
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    A question for the owner of a recent Cowells 90ME lathe

    Hello, I purchased my Cowells ME90 about 20 years ago. I took measurements of of the two step reduction pulley on the countershaft. My measurements are close to you posted to what you posted. The spindle is .5000, (12.7 mm), in diameter, length is 94.75 mm The motor shaft for the pulleys is...
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    Stuart 501 Boiler

    My Stuart boiler is finally making steam! Set up on wood base with burner, hand pump and water tank. The hand pump I built is shown in previous postings. Next I will add tubing and a displacement lubricator to operate stationary engines.
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    Stuart beam engine 1980's parts list

    Hello, I built the Stuart beam engine, completed in August 1993.The parts list is dated MAY 90/1. The date for plans appears to be 17 9 80. The plans drawing is N0. 90018. Also made the governor. I can try to send a copy if it would help.
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    Boiler Feed Pump, part one, PM Research Kit

    Boiler Feed Pump, parts two and three
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    Boiler Feed Pump, part one, PM Research Kit

    I made the PM Research pump kit. I made three videos showing how I did the set up and machining of the parts. Not all of the work is shown. Plans include a copyright and are not shown. Gerald Pierce
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    Cowells Lathe

    I will introduce my Cowells lathe as shown in my workshop tour. Made in UK, it is a quality small lathe. I purchased new about 20 years ago. I use it to make small parts and fittings for my G Scale trains. I also enjoy making improvements and accessories for the lathe. Gerald Pierce
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    Maximat 7 Lathe

  9. Gerald Pierce

    Maximat 7 Lathe

    "The Sieg design ( Actually a copy of the Austrian Enco)? My Maximat 7 was made in Austria by EMCO Maier Corporation. I paid $795 in 1970. With geared headstock, taper roller bearings, and vertical milling/drilling unit If you can get a copy today for $1,000 that is a ridiculous low price.
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    Maximat 7 Lathe

    I purchased my Maximat 7 new about 50 years ago. I only had to make two repairs. I replace one selector shift fork lever. I also had to replace the lead screw nut. The adjusting screw tab on the nut broke. Could not find a replacement. I made a replacement nut from bronze on the lathe. This is...
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    Stuart Models 501 Boiler

    I purchased a Stuart Models 501 boiler many years ago. I recently purchased a ceramic burner. The burner cost 89.10 pounds, exchange rate $1.22635 which equals $109.26. Three weeks plus 2 days to receive from UK. A short video shows the boiler and burner testing. The burner works very good. I...
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    Workshop Tour

    A video of my workshop.
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    Stuart boiler HB4 with noisy ceramic burner.

    I built a Coles' Power Models duplex pump from castings. Then a boiler using a round ceramic burner from Stuart Models. Works good.
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    Trouble with cut off operations

    Luiz, I use a parting tool to make small boiler fittings and live steam locomotives parts. My parting operations is usually under 5/8 inch diameter. My Cowells lathe has a rear tool post which is helpful since it it is easy to placed in operation. I use a front tool on my Maximat. I don't work...
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    Compound Launch Steam Engine

    I built the Stuart Launch engine from castings. High pressure cylinder is 3/4 inch. Low pressure cylinder is 1 1/4 inch. A compound steam engine uses the exhaust steam from the high pressure cylinder to flow through an exchange pipe to the low pressure cylinder. Allows the engine to run longer...