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    Westbury Wallaby Likeness

    Carby Finished
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    Teflon in Australia

    I have some round I can part off at 6mm if that helps, in Nowra NSW. not far away let me know finished size you want.
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    30cc Inline Twin 4-stroke Engine based on Westbury's Wallaby

    Tremendous thing you are doing. Lets hope we see a few more. top shelf job thanks.
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    Westbury Wallaby Likeness

    Thanks, more to come. I hope to finish it over the Christmas break , I will keep you posted.
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    Home Foundry

    Brake disks are the go to for me.
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    Simple crankshaft bearing.

    Yes the Anzani Three cylinder radial
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    Westbury Wallaby Likeness

    A twin based loosely on the Westbury Wallaby nearing completion.
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    For Sale Westbury busy bee engine

    Do you still have these Dougie?
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    Aveling Road Roller.

    Pure Gold lovely job.
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    Simple crankshaft bearing.

    Like the Anzani Three cylinder. Lovely job and a pleasure to watch.
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    Making a model Cannon

    Here's my semi scale Navel Truck Gun
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    Cam/valve timing...

    Excellent resource, thank you
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    First steps into a Gnome

    Lovely job and best of luck mate.
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    Honda GX160- 8.5cc

    Pure Gold, thanks for sharing with us.
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    Money to spend on inserts and holder for lathe

    Brian get a Diamond Tool Holder and some Crobalt and CoHSS Cutting Tips, no brainer imho.