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  1. Moneyless

    Is it possible to make a 2stroke v twin?

    Hi all, I have an idea to make a 2stroke (80°) v-twin with a singel (shared) crankshaft. Is it possible to make one of that or the 2stroke circuit will kill my idea?
  2. OLScrew

    Custom Case Design Questions

    Hello everyone! I have been dreaming of a one-off bike build for a few years now and its recently been gnawing at me a bit harder. I had at one time, years ago, a JAWA "Top Tank" modified scooter. Immediately after purchase it melted down due to main seal leakage and so I ended up rebuilding it...
  3. O

    Unusual variations on two-stroke head design.

    I want to try a head design of my own. The base engine is a TP60 aero engine, two stroke, fixed head. I an going to convert in to a separate 4-stud head. I am looking to divide the combustion area up into 3 parts, based on a shaped trench containing the sparkplug, and two main squish collector...