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  1. TinkerJim

    The Moriya Story #4 - Stoppage Vent for the Major

    I usually run Moriya Major around 500 rpm. At that speed she yields a nice steady quiet movement of air from one end of my 20' long workbench to the other. Every hour or so, a drop of oil is applied to the piston and on the displacer rod. For this, the engine should be brought to a...
  2. Stirling Engine 'Gamma Type' - Laura

    Stirling Engine 'Gamma Type' - Laura

    This is the 'Laura' Stirling Engine 'Gamma type' built from a Bengs kit. It is running at around 650 rpm as measured by a strobe rev counter.
  3. DJoksch

    Stirling engines based on April 1961 Popular Science

    I was talked into teaching a CNC course several years ago. A student figured out when I was born then showed me this article and thought we should build them. Here are the prototypes made from scrap off the shop floor.
  4. Nikhil Bhale

    Where to get next castings kit

    Hello After I completed my PM research #5 engine I have gained enough confidence to go for another engine. I have a PM research #1 kit with me. I am watching all the YouTube video currently being shown about machining the above engine. I was thinking of ordering a hot air engine casting kit...
  5. B

    First time designing sterling engine Looking for advice

    I am a Percision machining student designing a sterling engine for my senior project I have a rough design right out with A inch and a half bore And three and stroke plan to make the whole thing out of aluminum any advice would be helpful ie. Using O rings to seal it, Cylinder wall clearance, or...
  6. deatharena89

    Stirling engine powered toy car How to? Video

    A simple homemade stirling engine powered toy car built using readily available materials. This is a complete how to? video. Hope you all like it. Like comment and subscribe. Materials used: Cardboard Bicycle spokes Glass marbles Glass syringe Testube Rubber cork Wooden stand Bearing
  7. deatharena89

    First How to? video Homemade rotating marble stirling engine

    This is my video how to video on rotating type marble stirling engine. I have explained step by step how to build a stirling engine out of very simple materials but effective running. Materials used: 1. Testtube- Displacer cylinder 2. Marbles - Displacer piston 3. Glass syringe- Power piston...
  8. K

    Stirling Engine displacer

    I have just about finished a Jonkman Stirling Engine (first engine after a series of clocks), but can't think how to make the brass displacer, other than from a solid a brass rod, but I am not sure that is the best/right way, nor that my lathe skills will stretch to it. Any help much welcomed.