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  1. J

    Reviewing the ML Midge from MotorBoys

    Ive carefully read the build instructions at the modelenginenews site about how to machine the crankcase. In that text I saw there were some small metric to imperial discrepancies between the text and the drawing. Also some instances where the dimension scheme on the print did not follow the...
  2. RobConway

    Robs Howell V4

    So for someone who did machining in the 80's as part of an apprenticeship, built one steam engine in 2019, take on a Jerry Howell V4 ? Better not answer that as it is very optimistic / naive I will admit , especially when it seems every single tolerance is soo critical. I must be 150...
  3. zeshan

    plans for 50cc upwards metric only IC running on diesel

    hi guys and gals, I am looking for plans for 50cc and upwards, metric only, IC running on real diesel. is there anything around? if there are assembly instructions cad files etc would be great.