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    Model Engine Gas Tanks and Caps

    Here is the fuel tank on my version of my just completed Rupnow vertical The tank is all stainless steel 28mm dia tube 70mm long with a 2 mm wall The ends are a light press fit with a smear of green loctite.
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    Hi Mike and welcome aboard.
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    Yet Another Webster Begins

    congratulations sir on getting your Webster engine running. I had the same problem with the head rocking back and fourth I fixed it by putting two extra 4mm screws in the bottom, it worked for me.
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    Elmer’s “Scotty” # 8

    Another runner well done thanks for sharing Your getting a nice little collection of engines
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    Rumely Oil Pull Model

    I like it, I like it 👍
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    Elmer’s “Scotty” # 8

    nice steady progress here keep up the good work 👍
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    Nerd's Webster build

    watched a couple of vids of this engine on YouTube. looking forward to seeing this little chap come to life
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    Happy Christmas ! Happy new year : 2021

    Happy new year to one and all
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    Hi nerd welcome to the group and another Webster under way :)
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    Hello from Somerset, UK.

    hi Chris welcome to the forum. no its not to early happy new year.
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    Werowance attempts Upshur Vertical Single

    congratulations. Sounds and runs great 👍
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    twin cylinder flame swallower

    wow you put this together quick it looks great and runs a treat congratulations I like it
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    twin cylinder flame swallower

    Looking good so far I have the plans for this engine but never got to build it so i will be watching this with interest The plan i have is the MK1
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    Another new guy planning first engine

    welcome WisJim
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    Hello everyone!

    it looks good to me 😉