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    New member

    Hi Carl. Welcome to the forum.
  2. ZebDog

    What have you been doing today?

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    Hello from a New Member

    Nice engine welcome to the group
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    Hello from new member

    Hi Ian welcome to the group
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    New member

    Welcome aboard David.
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    Hello from North Devon

    Hi Gary welcome to the group.
  7. ZebDog

    Stirling helicopter

    Congrats on getting the Stirling helicopter running 👍
  8. ZebDog

    M91 Vertical Water Cooled Hit & Miss Engine

    A beautifully built little engine and a very smooth and steady runner I like this. 👍
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    new from scotland

    Hi. Welcome to the group
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    New member

    Hi Eugene - Stephane Welcome to the group
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    Newbie from Selby uk

    Hi Roy Welcome to the group
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    Another new member

    Hi Peter Thanks for posting the pics of your engines you said in your post not to get to excited. I think you done a grand job. Well done 👍
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    Another Farm Boy running with video link.

    I like it well done.
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    Another new member

    Welcome to the group Pete Do you have a pics or two of the engines you have done.
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    Hello all.

    Welcome to the group