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    Watch your off hand and other body parts!

    remember a chap who i worked operating a hand power saw saw had the habit of keeping it running after he had finished the cut then he learned a hard lesson the blade guard did not come down and it sank itself in his leg it missed all the arteries and muscle very lucky man and a hard lesson...
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    September Project of the Month

    well done thats what i call engineering
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    I knocked it off the bench

    and as well as that i spend that long on the floor on my knees looking for bits i have dropped or lost my good wife thinks i am getting religeon i suppose i might as well do something useful while i am down there
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    I knocked it off the bench

    I feel for you my friend as i watched my 5" gauge chassis plus wheels as i caught it with my btm roll of the bench and hit the floor with a crash:o:(:mad::eek::wall::rant: