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    Fuel for Model Engines

    Where do you buy that? Cn you get less than a drum?
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    Fuel for Model Engines

    For 4 strokes ignition engines I use Coleman Camp Stove Fuel, is saver than gasoline. For Glow Plug Ignition I buy on line in one gallon container. By the time one acquire all the components assuming one can ever source them he ends up with leftover in quantities not suitable to mix a new batch...
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    270 Offy

    Love that tapping operation.
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    Single cylinder tractor model

    Scaling down Ignition components is difficult but one fact that need to be recognized is that a Capacitor Discharge Ignition can be made much smaller than a Kettering type ignition. The reason is that the volumetric storage of energy is much greater for a capacitor than it is for and inductor...
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    Single cylinder tractor model

    Great work. All brass! Must cost a fortune.
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    Single cylinder tractor model

    We want to see the pictures.
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    Wood Base Finish

    I second the polyurethane suggestion. Easy to apply dries, fast (compared to linseed oil which takes months) At least 5 coats with wet sanding in between.
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    Buying a lathe

    For left hand threading you can try fitting an idler gear. I have a G4000 from Grizzly/Sieg if I am not wrong is a copy of the Enco 9/20 It was crappy when I bought it but after several modification and my own learning is actually "turning" out decent work. Decent enough to mage several...
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    what kind of tool is this ?

    Micrometric accuracy to 0.001" to scribe a 0.005" line after a long thumbing to get on the mark.
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    Lanz tractor

    This is as far as I got
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    Lanz tractor

    I am breaking my head trying to figure the valve operation. Is it operated by the cam on the crankshaft? If so what is the part that rides on the cam? From the assembly it may appear that there is a linkage from the flywheel rim to the bracket/shaft/lever contraption on top of the cylinder...
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    Pencil Grinder Recommendation?

    Proxxon IB/E
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    Pencil Grinder Recommendation?

    I have a Proxxon and like it, no comparison with the Dremel. The Nose is cylindrical and can be easily mounted/adapted on the tool post or on the mill spindle for when you need a little more RPM for small end mills. My air compressor is limited, I have a pencil air grinder on a flex shaft but...
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    Gear cutting

    Is not 10 degree is 2.5 degree or 1/4 of the tooth angular spacing. Angular Offset = +/- 0.25 x 360/Z = 90/Z Z is the number of teeth The vertical movement = Pie x Diametral Pitch / 4 Z Is a way to widen the teeth spacing at the periphery.
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    Lanz tractor

    Thanks Eagle Eye gg89220 I suppose it channels the oil dripping from the cylinder onto one of the moving parts in front.